About Vinequai

Hi, I'm Kevin, author of the Vinequai blog. I wanted to create a blog that unveils the beauty of mathematics by using rich and interactive visualizations.

While I was working toward my math PhD I was amazed by the incredible beauty of many of the ideas I encountered. Unlike the beauty of a rainbow or a mountain, this beauty is out of reach for most people. All of these brilliant thoughts were locked up in the minds of mathematicians. The figures that do get shown, on chalkboards, in textbooks, and online, are often patchy and hard to decipher.

In recent years, powerful software tools have been developed to make creating visualizations for the web much easier. My hope is that with these tools, I can create high-quality demonstrations that are worthy of the beautiful mathematical ideas that they illustrate.

Several of the visualizations are now available in VR for those who have devices that support it. I am currently in the process of enabling VR for visualizations where it is appropriate.

This website was made with Three.js, mathjs, MathJax, Tweakpane, Typescript, Webpack, Tailwind CSS, Stork, and others.

If you'd like, you can contact me at [email protected]

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